March 5, 2010

Wall Art which Displays All of Your Child's Masterpieces

I've come across some pretty clever ways of cherishing your child's artwork, but this idea by decorator Jan Eleni, who was highlighted on decor8 is by far the most beautiful and charming.

Excerpted from her interview on decor8, Eleni details the collection of miniature art pieces:

"While I was working on children’s spaces – I wanted to time capsule their moment in art – and I started making these beautiful art frames – a way to archive your child’s art in a modern way. It is a labor of love – a time consuming process – the end result is a grid of hand cut miniature images – a gathering of your child’s artwork. It is amazing if you think of how we can influence the next generation of artists and creative types."

We currently have a sweet star clip which says, "this week's masterpiece" to which we attach Olivia's artwork -- but right now it is working overtime with at least 8 pages hanging from it. I'd love to figure out how to scan her art, shrink it and frame it in this fashion... and then recycling the originals wouldn't be so final, since they'd still be catalogued in this gorgeous fashion.

via Ohdeedoh via decor8
image via decor8

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handmade charlotte said...

oh man i love this idea! my sister in law has every piece of art work her children have ever done!this would be perfect! i on the other hand have a ton but not everything! i love this idea! thanks!!!!