March 11, 2010

Yes to Carrots Debuts New 'Yes to Baby Carrots' Bath & Body Collection!

Can't get your kids to eat their veggies during mealtime? This spring, at least you can get them to say Yes to Baby Carrots during bath time! This new, organic bath and body collection from Yes to Carrots has baby covered in goodness from head to toe with: shampoo & body wash, soothing diaper cream, nourishing baby lotion, bubble bath, and SPF 30 sunscreen.

All Yes to Baby Carrots products are 100% natural, paraben-, phthalate-, and SLS- free, tear-free, hypoallergenic, and are not tested on animals. In addition to all of these necessary requirements to ensure bath time is toxin free, Yes to Baby Carrots products work beautifully, smell lovely and have a price point which can't be beat: $7.99- $12.99!

One of the main areas of concern I hear from parents who want to go green and all natural with their household regimen, is that doing so is "too expensive." So, when lines like Yes to Baby Carrots crop up, I feel like it's a victory for parents and kids everywhere! And it doesn't get any better than this -- Healthy Child, Healthy World teamed up with Yes to Carrots to create this bath collection for babies and toddlers!

My thoughts on the collection:

Yes to Baby Carrots shampoo & body wash
dispenses as foam from a pump, and works best when lathered up with hands or a sponge. I love the light natural fragrance emitted by the inherent organic melon and organic carrot oil ingredients, and I love that it softens skin with vitamin E. It also leaves Olivia's hair soft and bouncy, and doesn't weigh it down or leave a greasy residue like many other shampoo/body wash combos we have tried.

Yes to Baby Carrots baby lotion
is also delectable. Again, the sweet aroma from the organic Aloe Vera, organic carrots and Cocoa Butter ingredients leave a pleasant, and subtle scent. You know that "baby" smell we all go gaga for? This lotion has captured that essence naturally, and wearers smell so dreamy!

Yes to Baby Carrots soothing diaper cream contains a treasure trove trio of effective ingredients: organic Aloe Vera, organic pumpkin and zinc oxide. I have not tried this on a baby with an active case of diaper rash, but given its powerful yet delicate ingredients, I believe it would be highly effective in both treating and preventing diaper rash.

You may purchase Yes to Baby Carrots products from any of the retailers listed here, including Target, Babies R Us and Walgreens -- available on store shelves by the end of this month.

Be sure to get your kids squeaky clean this spring with these Yes to Baby Carrots products, and stay tuned for my reviews of their SPF 30 sunscreen for kids and daily moisturizer with SPF for moms in the coming months!

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