April 26, 2010

Eco-friendly Sprout Watches Know What Time It Is!

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I loved wearing watches as a kid, and since my daughter has been showing an interest in clocks and learning time, I wanted to get her a watch to learn on and enjoy. I think digital clocks should be outlawed, and sadly they make up the majority of the children's watch market! So when I set out on my research to buy a watch with an actual time-telling face that was also green in design, I was thrilled to find Sprout watches!

Aside from being colorful, adorable and kid-friendly, Sprout's eco-friendly timepieces help reduce environmental impact on the planet. Sprout watches are approximately 86% bio-degradable by weight and each watch is constructed from earth friendly, sustainable materials including: a corn resin case and buckle, a bamboo dial, a mineral crystal (a type of glass made from sand) lens, a certified organic cotton strap -- and they contain a mercury free battery!

With a price point of only $30 and an array of boy and girl friendly colors in the collection, there's a Sprout watch for every green kid.

Even the packaging Sprout watches come in is eco-friendly! Created from at least 80% post consumer materials, it also features a grass card that can be watered to create your own mini grass garden.

Sprout has been making timepieces for over 50 years
, and they thought it was high time (pun intended!) to design as green of a watch as possible. I love that these watches are attractive, classic, colorful and a really easy sell for kids. I even want one for myself!

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jacquelyn michelson said...

Love this watch!! It is so important we teach our children how to tell time this way and also count without using a calculator. Old fashioned is good in many ways.