April 5, 2010

Itzy Ritzy Nursing Cover has Breastfeeding Moms Covered in Green Style

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I can't even begin to tell you the number of times I had to nurse my daughter in public -- and wished I'd had something more reliable than a burp cloth or receiving blanket to cover up with! Both of these items were promptly tugged at and thrown to the floor by my mischievous babe, leaving me scampering for decency. But alas! I have found the solution - and it's both stylish and eco-friendly!

The Ritzy Nurser, a sustainably made nursing cover from Itzy Ritzy is lined with silky soft bamboo and comes in a variety of adorable patterns. Bamboo, a highly renewable resource, is naturally antibacterial and UV protective. Other ingenious features of the Ritzy Nurser include: an adjustable neck strap with an easy to secure buckle, a tapered shape to ensure full coverage -- making nursing sessions discreet -- and it is machine washable! Additionally, the soft bamboo lining may also be used as a built in burp cloth. And my favorite attribute of the Ritzy Nurser is that it has a rigid neckline, making it easy for nursing moms to maintain eye contact with their baby during breastfeeding sessions.

I love that this nursing cover takes any awkwardness out of nursing with others in the vicinity -- whether you have house guests or are out and about on the town, this chic cover enables mom and baby to be comfortable and cozy.

As a side note, when I have seen women use nursing covers in my travels, I have often thought to myself that any ole apron would do the trick... but now that I have seen the quality and craftsmanship of the Ritzy Nurser, I stand corrected. It has the ample and perfect weight of a nice and soft blanket (given it's luxurious bamboo lining) -- it's not flimsy and thin -- and the rigid neckline is truly necessary to give baby breathing room while keeping an eye on him or her. So, if you're going to be nursing your baby, treat yourself to the Ritzy Nurser. I wish I'd had it for my firstborn, and I'm thrilled to have it for my next child!

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