May 19, 2010

Organic Crinkle Noise Cloth for Curious Babies

My husband and I were always amazed at Olivia's fascination with the tags and labels of the toys we gave her when she was a tiny baby. Forget the soft texture, cute face or sentimental value, she only wanted to caress and study the tag!

So when I saw this organic cotton/flannel crinkle noise cloth which features NINE little tags for curious fingers, I thought: genius! These little cloths are designed for 3-4 month old babies and decorated with black and white patterns combined with colors to help visually stimulate little ones. The cloth elicits a crinkling sound when touched and the loops and tags are made in different materials for an exploratory and tactile experience. Available in both pink and blue hues.

I'm sure since products like this exist, babies are keen on playing with tags as a hobby. So buy one for the next baby shower you attend and I'm certain it will be counted among the new baby's favorite toys!

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