May 7, 2010

Week in Review!

I'm spreading the green love and knowledge all over cyberspace these days... and I'd love to share my articles that appear elsewhere with you each week here on Petite Planet! Below are links to each piece. I hope you enjoy my other posts as much as you enjoy visiting me here at Petite Planet!

REVIEW: Ergobaby Organic Baby Carriers

Step Right Up to Humane, Animal Free Circuses

10 Eco-Friendly Dog Beds for Green Hounds Who Like to Lounge

"No Artificial Hormones" Now a Major Selling Point

Easy and Affordable Organic DIY Dog Food Recipes

Can You Stomach Wheat? How Giving Up the Grain May Better Your Health

5 Ways to Boost Your Heart Health and Give the Earth a Boost, Too

Artist Converts Garage into a Gorgeous Woman Cave Retreat

Eco-friendly Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mee a Bee Handmade Messenger Bags for Boys and Girls

Build Your Own Furniture Out of Life-Sized Lego Pieces!

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