June 22, 2010

HOW TO: Write a Birth Plan

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I am in the throes of writing my birth plan for my upcoming summer labor and delivery, and I wanted to share this article I just wrote for Inhabitots: 5 Top Tips for Writing Your Birth Plan. If you're expecting, it's vital reading! Feel free to add your own tips in the comments, or pose any questions you might have about writing a birth plan!


Trisha said...

My number one tip for your birth plan... is to have a DOULA!! (or two) Birthing mamas need supportive people around to help ensure that the mama's wishes (in the plan) are taken seriously and fulfilled to the best intent.

Trust birth! :)

Miss J said...

It was suggested to me (way to late) to also write a "Postpartum Plan" I thought this was pure genius - especially for a second pregnancy.

Thinking about what kind of support you might need ahead of time, planning meals (or arranging friends to bring them), or even scheduling a haircut or massage to look forward to after the baby arrives.

Had I done something like this I think the transition would have been MUCH easier.

Happy Writing!

Petite Planet said...

Great points, Trisha and Miss J. I am actually on the hunt for a doula, and you're right, Miss J... I need a good postpartum plan b/c right now it consists of 1. "trying to keep any shred of sanity." :)