August 17, 2010

Felt Playground's Eco-Friendly Play Food Looks Good Enough to Eat!

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Felt Playground offers an extensive array of fabulously crafted felt play food which is hand sewn using eco-friendly felt (100% polyester felt made from recycled plastic bottles) and stuffed with sustainable bamboo fiber fill.

Felt Playground covers all the bases with their food offerings, which range from the lunch set (as a vegetarian, we'd just pretend that the turkey in the set is tofurkey!) and the veggie selection seen above to the healthy berry dessert seen below... and much more!

I love that these decadent berries are categorized as a dessert, which is definitely how we view fruit in our household -- as nature's candy.

Felt Playground also creates festive party banners and sweet-faced finger puppets!

Be sure to stop by the Felt Playground shop on Etsy
. You're bound to find something your little one will adore!


Amelie said...

I have seen a few versions of eco-friendly play toys, but this collection is really adorable. Thanks for showcasing it.

Heather - Chickabug said...

SO CUTE! Thanks for showcasing Felt Playground, it's one of my favorite shops on Etsy!! And from one veggie to another... I totally agree that's Tofurky. ; )