August 30, 2010

Ink + Wit 'Pull Your Weeds' Birch Wood Print

ink and wit, pull your weeds, birch wood print
I really love the message behind this subtle birch wood print from Ink + Wit. The limited edition 'Pull Your Weeds' print serves as a reminder to uproot negativity and nurture positivity. If you look closely, you'll see juxtaposing words strewn throughout the piece: "care, laugh, bliss," and "anger, lazy and stress."

Not only is the message to pull your weeds and plant good seeds a great lesson for children, I think it's a very romantic and realistic poster for couples. It illustrates that we must tend to our lives and our relationships with the realization that although there will always be weeds, hopefully there will always be fresh seeds that will blossom in their place.

1 comment:

Lisa said...

I don't usually get into motivational quotes but this had me smiling. Gardens have so many life lessons when you just look at them. Thanks for the smile.