August 12, 2010

My Husband Can Make Felt Food Too?!

Today is my daughter's third birthday. She is obsessed with pretend (and real) baking, and when I say obsessed, it's only because I can't think of a stronger word for her affinity for the baked good. I gave her an empty box of cake mix two weeks ago, and she carries it around the house with her just in case she happens to come across an empty bowl that she might be able to pour the fake ingredients into. And don't ask me how many times I've had to read her the directions on the back of the box, while she reclines on the couch, listening intently yet casually, a smile gracing her lips, as if I am reciting a favorite poem from her college days.

Naturally, for a birthday gift, I wanted to give her play baked goods to use in her kitchen, because it's getting a little depressing watching her whip up batches of air. Her collection currently includes only these cute felt cookies. When I mentioned this to my husband, lo and behold, he decides that he'll make her a small bakery of felt play food so her baker aspirations may finally be realized.

He decided to make her a cake, because we have all been eating pretend birthday cake for about a year now. I am not exaggerating when I say, Olivia makes roughly 57 pretend cakes every day. She doles out empty plates to anyone who will take one, and they are piled high with dreams of chocolate cakes with pink frosting and "lots and lots of sprinkles."

I knew when I married my husband that he was an amazing and innovative cook... the kind who could peer into a fridge containing only a bottle of fancy ketchup and half a loaf of bread, and somehow manage to make a delicious four course meal for five. But I had *no* idea that he could whip up felt play food masterpieces on a first attempt, without much thought.

He made our daughter this fantastic cake with six separate slices that all fit together to form a whole cake. As seen in the photos above, he then tied the slices together and cut a heart shape out of a box top to make it look like an authentic cake box.

Now Olivia can host as many birthday parties as she desires, and have actual cake to serve.

As if I wasn't impressed enough, he then asked me, "anything else?" "Yes," I said. She's constantly making brownies and chocolate chip pancakes too. So next came the yummy fudge brownies above and the sweet chocolate chip pancakes below. And can I take an ounce of credit for sewing on exactly 12 of the chocolate chips? This, only after my husband spent about 15 minutes teaching me how to do so.

Thanks for allowing me to gush. I am married to an incredibly gifted and talented man, and we have a daughter who is so sweet she needs to manifest the trait in fake baked goods all day long. Here's to La Dolce Vita!

*Note: All of these baked goods were made out of eco felt (made from recycled plastic bottles) as well!


Savvy Sassy Moms said...

This is Un-believable!!Your hubby is amazing, I thought mine was pretty amazing but this "tops the cake" tee hee:)

Lisa said...

So absolutely fabulous!

Apparently your husband needs his own crafting section on PP.

Happy Birthday Olivia and I hope the new baby is being good to you:) Your almost there!


Shoni said...

I absolutely love everything about this post!

Petite Planet said...

Thanks so much, everybody! You're so kind!

Miss J said...

Those are amazing! I think he needs an Etsy shop! I want one of those cookies RIGHT NOW. Happy Birthday Olivia!