October 15, 2010

REVIEW: Organic Moby Wrap is a Parent and Baby's Best Friend!

I have now been blessed with two babies who chose me as their parent because they know I am an attachment parenting mama and would carry them everywhere, because they want to cuddle on a full-time basis!

With Olivia, I wore the Nojo sling -- and the uneven distribution of weight on one of my shoulders left my shoulders and back a ravaged mess after 18 months of babywearing. A massage therapist finally told me I was doing such damage that I had to ditch the sling... so I did, and my back immediately improved.

When Ashton came along, I had a hunch he was going to want to be held most of the time as well... so I still had on hand my Baby Bjorn carrier, and I got the ERGObaby carrier. Both are great carriers, but they just didn't fit the bill for at-home use in my opinion. I wanted a cozier option, something that felt more like a light blanket I could wrap around both me and the baby, securing us together for indoor use. That's when a friend of mine suggested the Moby Wrap.

The organic Moby Wrap is made of certified organic cotton and is one size fits all. It can be worn in five different positions and used to carry babies from birth up to 35 pounds... which is great because the majority of carriers on the market are not very accommodating of tiny newborns. The Moby Wrap is also easily machine washable, which is a huge plus.

As you can imagine, the Moby (which stands for MOther and BaBY combined) has been a lifesaver for me. I'm actually typing this as my son is asleep on my chest in the organic Moby wrap carrier. It's as if we are swaddled together, and it's ever so comfortable for him and just as importantly, for me! It evenly distributes his weight so that both of my shoulders are employed in toting him... and my back doesn't ache after use!

When I initially saw the Moby Wrap, I was really intimidated by the fact that it's simply a very long piece of fabric that the wearer must wrap and tie around themselves in various patterns in order to hold baby in a variety of positions. But, I quickly got the hang of the wrapping gathered technique and can now efficiently hold Ashton is his preferred position in the Moby Wrap, the hug hold.

I also really like the fact that each time a wearer puts on the Moby Wrap, it becomes tailored to their comfort and height, etc. automatically, because it is wrapped anew with every wear. With other carriers, there are so many clasps and buckles and adjustments that need to be made -- which makes it a real pain for my husband and I to share our babywearing duties, as we're forever re-adjusting the carriers because our sizes vary greatly.

The only issue I have with the Moby Wrap is that (after only about a week of use) I am not yet highly skilled at putting it on quickly and correctly when my baby is screaming and crying, wanting to be carried in it immediately. Also, I have yet to achieve consistency in how the Moby wrap fits each time I wear it... sometimes I get the perfect wrap and hold, other times I have to start all over again. Finally, I have yet to find a graceful way to take the wrap off. If any readers are Moby Wrap pros and have any suggestions regarding these issues, I am all ears! I'll definitely be wearing the Moby Wrap everyday for the next year!

I got the Moby Wrap in organic cotton, in a beautiful purple "eggplant" color which may be purchased here.

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Miss J said...

Yay! So glad you are liking the Moby!
When H was really small, I just would wear her, take her out, and leave the Moby ON. I remember driving in it once (not with her in it of course). After about 4 months I had developed a system for myself with how to wrap her and fit her in perfectly, but it really took a lot of practice. Around 7 months old we started using our Ergo as well, and gradually transitioned out of the Moby.