November 22, 2010

2011 Plantable Eco Calendar from Botanical Paperworks

Turn over a new leaf in 2011 (literally), with this beautiful desk calendar from Botanical Paperworks. Easy on the eyes and the earth, each month features a bright, cheerful floral motif.

The calendar is printed on six sheets of 5x5 plantable seed paper, that grows into colorful wildflowers when you plant it! What a perfect, green New Year's resolution!

These calendars would make lovely, no-waste holiday gifts... and no doubt everyone on your list needs a calendar!

Plan ahead with Botanical Paperworks blossoming Valentine cards too!


Lisa said...

Oh I love it! I may have to put one on my Christmas list. :)

Urban Gardens said...

This is one of my favorite vendors! Nice stumbling on your lovely blog.

RaisingGreenRichmond said...

great idea. I have not seen it before.