November 17, 2010

Green Your Drycleaning Regimen with the 'Green Garmento' Reusable Drycleaning Bag!

One baby step we can all take to leave a lighter footprint on the planet is to either a) do away with having your clothes drycleaned altogether (which I have done!) or b) tote a reusable garment bag to drop off and pick-up your drycleaning in, as not to add to the immense waste of the plastic bag liners (not to mention hangars!) used to encase clean clothes. Since doing away with drycleaning altogether may not be feasible for some, there are ways to make the process more eco-friendly.

Each year, more than 300 million pounds of single-use plastic drycleaning bags fill our landfills and waterways. Enter Green Garmento: a recyclable 4-in-1 reusable garment bag that may be used as:

1. Laundry Bag
2. Hamper
3. Duffle Bag to tote dirty clothes
4. Garment Bag

Think of it in the same vein as toting reusable grocery bags to the store. Logically, we should replace all of the plastic bags we use with reusable bags, and I think the Green Garmento is ingenious for offering that eco alternative.

Bonus points for taking your own hangars to and from the drycleaners! And be sure to use an eco-friendly/green drycleaner if your clothes require drycleaning!

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