January 31, 2011

Do Nothing for 2 Minutes

In this crazy world we live in, we could all use the reminder to slow down, or even stop and do nothing... even for two minutes! Click here to see what it feels like. I "failed" in my attempt to do nothing for 2 measly minutes! Will you?


melanie said...

I love this experience, but also failed. Is it really that important to move on to the next task? I plan to try again later.

Anonymous said...

I love this. I just saw on Oprah that it is exceptionally good for you to sit in complete silence a few minutes a day. I am going to refer back to this daily so that I can have 2 minutes of calm time. Thanks!

Leeanne said...

i tried this, too, but found myself picking up my phone to twitter, check emails, etc. before reminding myself, "no, do nothing!" strange how hard that is for us.