March 23, 2011

Dandelion Feeding Gear is Made Out of Corn!

Spring has officially sprung this week (even though Old Man Winter seems intent on sticking around in some places)... but hopefully picnics on sunny days, beach trips, and birthday parties in the park are in everyone's near future. Kids, and packing oodles of food, go hand-in-hand with outdoor excursions and adventures, and Dandelion makes a cheery line of feeding gear for infants and tots that's perfect for toting on-the-go. The best part is, you needn't throw the plates, bowls and utensils away after use, because they are reusable. Okay, the real best part is that they are made out of corn!

Dandelion’s Corn ReUsables are made without any petroleum products and naturally contain no BPA, PVC or phthalates. Manufacturing these products from corn bioplastic requires significantly less fossil resources, and generates far fewer green house gasses than conventional plastic. Additionally, corn is a renewable and sustainable resource. Dandelion tableware is ergonomically designed for little hands, the plates feature handy dividers to keep foods separated, and the bowls are deep to help prevent spills.

I think Dandelion tableware would also be a wonderful alternative to the plastic utensils and paper plates so often used at outdoor birthday parties and at other kids' celebrations. See my post on throwing an eco-friendly first birthday party over at Inhabitots wherein I recommend doing so as a tip -- and party guests may even take their plates/bowls/utensils home as party favors to be used again. What kid wouldn't think it was totally cool to be eating with tableware made from corn?

via Inhabitots:

If possible, serve birthday cake and party food on reusable dishes with stainless steel utensils instead of opting for wasteful, one-use paper plates. If you aren’t in the position to bust out your china, give guests reusable plates and utensils that they can take home and use again long after the candle has been blown out. Dandelion serves up great tableware for tots: child-sized plates, bowls, sippy cups and utensils made from eco-friendly Corn PLA.

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