March 16, 2011

Innovative Baby & Toddler Feeding Gear from mOmma

Given the abundance of non-toxic baby and toddler feeding gear on the market, only truly innovative products really stand apart these days. Such is the case with mOmma: Technology and Design for Today's Baby. Who knew one could get excited about a spoon? But such was the case when I first laid eyes, and hands on mOmma's soft spoon. Like all mOmma products, it features a round shape which is the most ergonomic shape for baby's hand. Additionally, the round base enables it to rock like a Weeble-Wobble, making it entertaining for babes as well. But, the thing I like MOST about this spoon (forks are also available) is the brilliant addition of a lid (seen behind the spoon above). Only a parent on-the-go can truly appreciate this ingenious, modern tweak to baby feeding gear. I can't tell you the number of times I have had to wrap a napkin around a baby spoon before putting it in my bag to keep in clean before feedings. This lid is such a refreshing addition to my mommy repertoire!

mOmma's baby/toddler cups are also adorable, spill proof and feature the same rocking base that will engage and delight little ones. I love that they can double as toys. We've all heard and perhaps said,  "Don't play with your food," but no one I know has ever said, "Don't play with your cup or spoon!" Another fabulous result of the round base on these cups is hygienic: it prevents the bottle from tipping over, and the straw or spout from coming into contact with tables and highchairs.

If you'd prefer a sippy spout, the cup shown above offers that option. *Some of the reviews by moms on suggested the straw was too hard to suck from for their toddlers, so the spout might be a better bet. I haven't been able to test out the straw with Mr. A yet, as he is too young.

I am in love with the entire mOmma collection, and how cool is this brush, specially designed for washing the round cups?

All mOmma products come in a variety of bright, eye-popping colors including blue, red, orange, pink and green. Most importantly, all mOmma products are BPA, PVC and Phtalate free and are made only of first-class quality materials and contain no toxic substances.

mOmma products are currently available for purchase here.

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