April 14, 2011

Born Free, BPA-Free Training Cup

Anyone else out there have a breastfed baby who won't drink from a bottle? Who knew such a circumstance could exist -- but lightning struck twice in our family because neither my nephew, nor my son will let their let cute little puckers come within an inch of a bottle at feeding-time! Believe me, my sister and I have tried everything, but if you have any suggestions, I'm all ears!

One suggestion I read in an online forum recommended giving babies 6 months and older who won't drink from a bottle, a sippy cup instead. Mr. A is certainly more amenable to drinking from this Born Free training cup than a bottle, although he's still on the road to perfecting the art. Right now he likes to bite and gnaw on the spout because he is teething, but he still manages to swallow the liquid. I was worried this biting of his would transfer to our next nursing session, but it didn't, thank goodness.

I like this training cup because it is BPA-free and features a soft spout and removable handles. It may also be used with or without the low vacuum valve that reduces the free flow of liquid and helps prevent ear infections. Cheers!

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