August 9, 2011

gDiapers gCloth Diaper Liners Save Time and Some of my Sanity!

Remember my post on the icky hassle of cloth diapers that no one really talks about? Well, I can't thank all of the people who weighed in on the topic enough, because your input has led me to a much easier cloth diapering regimen. "Krissykatmyint" suggested I buy gDiaper gCloth liners, which I did. They were quite a bargain on ($8.99 for 105 liners), and you simply lay them atop the cloth insert and if baby poops, the liner catches it and may be disposed without a big mess.

Apparently these liners are flushable, but our old house can barely handle toilet paper going into the septic system, so I don't flush them, I simply dump the poop out and then put the liner in the trash. I wish I had known about these months ago!

I wouldn't say they are made of the coziest material, so I only use them when I anticipate my baby is going to poop! They make cloth diapering and poop clean up SO MUCH EASIER!

*As an added note, I also started to add 20 Mule Team Borax to my cloth diaper laundering regimen, and it really helps with eliminating stingy odors. I let the diapers pre-soak in Borax and then follow with a hot water wash.

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