November 18, 2011

Put Down That Fork and Knife and ADOPT a Turkey for Thanksgiving

Adopting a turkey for Thanksgiving doesn't mean you have to set one more place at the table and agree to hear "gobble gobble" in your living room for years to come until your new feathered friend meets a natural demise.

Put yourself in a turkey's position: imagine the horror if there was one day a year where millions of people marked their calendars and gathered round to cook and eat you!

So, this year, dine sans bird and adopt a turkey to celebrate Thanksgiving instead. Farm Sanctuary enables you to have a compassionate holiday by sponsoring sweet birds the likes of Antoinette and Amelinda. It only costs $30 to adopt a turkey... about the same price as you'd pay to roast and serve one up at your holiday feast.

But this way, you won't get sleepy after your meal, and you can instead rest easy knowing that you saved a turkey and gave him or her a chance to live a long and peaceful life in a happy home.

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