December 9, 2011

Classic ABC Blocks from Uncle Goose

Green parenting involves a lot of studying and decision-making. Especially around the holidays when the world tells you to buy everything in sight and to and fill your kids' lives with MORE STUFF. This year especially, I have been approaching Christmas with a decidedly eco attitude. We cleaned out a bunch of our old, unused toys and donated them to a rummage sale, and we're asking Santa to bring the kids just a few classic, high-quality and sustainably designed toys to add to their collection.

Classic ABC Blocks from Uncle Goose are an heirloom quality toy that we know will get plenty of use, providing learning experiences and fun -- and both Miss O and Mr. A can enjoy them together at playtime. And in addition to all of these qualities, they are most importantly eco-friendly and nontoxic.

The collection includes 28 blocks patterned after turn of the century blocks, embossed and printed with nontoxic, colorful child safe inks. The blocks are crafted from sustainable Michigan basswood, and they feature beveled edges to eliminate sharp corners. Each block tells a story, with letters, numbers and animals on all four sides.

I would recommend Uncle Goose blocks to anyone and everyone looking for the perfect gift for the children on their list. They also come in a Groovie Math Blocks set.

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