December 4, 2011

Modern, Eco-Friendly Nativity Scene

The true meaning of the holiday season gets all to easily buried by visits with Santa Claus, shopping trips to the mall, and gifts galore. I think a wonderful way to anchor the authenticity of Christmas is to display a Nativity Scene in your home, in a prominent place where little ones may look at it daily and be reminded that Christmas is the celebration of Christ's birth. I have fond memories of interacting with and admiring the Nativity Scene my mom displayed in our house every December.

I have seen some pretty cool Nativity Scenes in my day, but this variation by Bunny With A Tool Belt is especially unique. Crafted entirely out of scrap wood and found objects, the figures are so very abstract, but so obvious as well. I love the artist's interpretation and think this scene makes quite a statement and an impact, and rightly so.

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