January 2, 2011

Best Eco-Friendly Toy Cars for Tots

If you're in a mad rush to secure the perfect set of green wheels for your tots for Christmas, herein are some of Mr. A's favorite eco-friendly toy cars.

Above: Hape International Bamboo E-OffRoader is one sweet ride. And it's comprised of durable bamboo and features water-based nontoxic paints.
The other side of this cute truck bears the recycling symbol. Mr. A eagerly watches out our window each week when the recycling and garbage trucks pick up our trash and recyclables, so we thought we'd give him a little piece of the action indoors. The Wonderworld Mini Garbage Truck is so well made and I love the quiet rubber wheels, a key aspect on our hardwood floors, and the fact that it is completely nontoxic and biodegradable. It would be my dream come true to own the entire Wonderworld collection of toys, frankly!
Pure elation was Mr. A's response to these Automoblox Mini A9 /M9 /X9-X 3-Pack, but before the clock struck noon on Christmas day, I had to pry them out of his excited hands. It was a major parenting FAIL making your kid cry on Christmas because you had to confiscate a toy for safety reasons. While the manufacturer does say for ages 3+, we thought they'd work fine with our tiny tot. Wrong. Each wheel actually comes off. And fits PERFECTLY into a little mouth. I realized after the fact that the reason they are called AutomoBLOX is that they are cars and blocks... you can take them apart and piece them together. Which, evidently was our son's DREAM toy. But when I was reaching down his throat for one of the wheels, I decided to put them away until he's older, and no doubt he'll be just as enthused to receive them at a later date.
This Hape Bamboo Mini Hot Rod looks bigger than it actually is. So, emphasize the word "mini." Still, we got Mr. A four of the Hape Bamboo mini cars and they fit perfectly in the palm of his hand. The parts don't come off, but our little puppy/boy still likes to gnaw and chew on the wheels, so it is pretty stress inducing. In hindsight, I probably should have waited til he was older to buy this collection of toy cars as well.
So, in closing. I'd say be sure to check the age requirements (and follow them) for toy cars. With Miss O.,  we were able to get around the strict 3+ standard because she didn't really try to eat every object within her grasp... but Mr. A does, so bigger is better in the case of cars.

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