January 18, 2012

Urban Tickle Modern Decor Brings Sweet Messages Home for Kids

When I shop for art decor for Miss O and Mr. A's spaces, I search for whimsical, vibrant designs that also deliver messages of cheer, inspiration and love. Urban Tickle creates exactly this type of modern decor  to brighten a child's world, while enlightening his/her mind. From wall decals, growth charts and personalized prints, there's a sentiment and a style to suit every family's taste. Here are some of my favorites from the collection, which really speaks volumes...

This cool guitar art print would remind my kids that they rock.

These inspirational recycled wood art panels bear the loving sentiments: "In life, I hope you will always go the distance." "I hope that even the sky is not the limit for you." And "May you sail through all of life's adventures."

I give a hoot what this wise owl wall decal has to say: Dream Big!

Check out Urban Tickle's entire collection. It really runs the gamut, featuring classic kid favorites such as cars and robots and princesses to retro transistor radios and Vespa scooters.

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