March 1, 2012

The Honest Company Delivers Integrity and Style with Baby & Home Care Products

You've probably heard of The Honest Company by now. If you haven't, be sure to read my post over at Inhabitots to get you up to speed on this eco-friendly and thoughtfully designed new company that is the brainchild of Christopher Gavigan and Jessica Alba.

I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Christopher Gavigan about The Honest Company, his latest endeavor to green baby's home environment. As a huge fan of his work with Healthy Child, Healthy World, and his book of the same title, (which I call the Parent's Bible), our conversation didn't disappoint. He is so knowledgeable and humble, and he truly cares about making the world a safer, less toxic place for this generation and the next.

That said, I have also had the chance to try several of The Honest Company's products in our home, and each and every one has yielded a delightful experience. First off, I should mention that their collection of products is only available via a subscription delivery service. They offer a Diapers Bundle and a Family Essentials Bundle, and you may choose to have either or both sent straight to your doorstep on a monthly basis. The subscription service details are outlined on their gorgeous website, so here I will be relaying what I liked best about their products, which are all completely chemical-free and made with the highest integrity ingredients.

That starts with my current dirty little secret. Cloth diapers have all but stopped working at containing Mr. A's pees and poops... so I am back on the market for the greenest disposable diaper I can find, and The Honest Company's diapers fit the bill and then some. Not only are they the *most* biodegradable diaper available, and made of plant-based materials including wheat and corn starch, they are totally non-toxic and chlorine free. They also feature adorable designs ranging from anchors to ice cream cones, so in addition to being soft and absorbent, they are super stylish to boot. I also love their biodegradable baby wipes, which are also plant-based and chlorine-free because they are both soft and effective -- the two most important attributes of a wipe in my opinion.

Other products I have tried: Honest Hand Soap, which leaves hands smelling simply divine and fresh due to its inherent essential organic lemongrass oil and grapefruit seed botanical extracts.

Honest Healing Balm is a perfect salve for everything from baby's diaper rash to chapped skin.

Honest Shampoo and Body Wash boasts my favorite scent for any product: sweet orange vanilla. However it is subtle and refreshing, not overbearing. I love washing Mr. A's hair with this, so when he falls asleep on my chest I can whiff away shamelessly at his sweet, lovely locks.

Lastly, Honest Laundry detergent left our load of dirty clothes perfectly clean and fresh sans chemicals.

Another noteworthy green attribute of The Honest Company: all of their products are made within 90 miles of the company's home base in Santa Monica. 

These products are cheery on the outside, featuring vibrant graphics reminiscent of an ocean breeze on a sunny day, but it's what's inside that makes me happiest. It's wonderful to know that two parents (Gavigan and Alba) who are in a position to make a difference when it comes to baby and household products, are doing so with such style and grace -- helping us all make a difference.


josiegrace said...

I can't wait to use these products on my soon to be foster daughter. Our foster agency is pro vegan and cares about the chemicals we use on our kids:)

Antonio said...

Great article, Jessica Alba just shared this on Facebook by the way thats how I got here

Anonymous said...

I just saw it on Alba's page too. I am pretty stoked with cloth diapers; however, not everyone is. I am trying to convert all my sposie suing friends to the honest diapers. Those prints are sooo cute!

Petite Planet said...

Thank you all for stopping by after seeing this link on Jessica Alba's Facebook page. I hope to see you around Petite Planet much more in the future!

Anonymous said...

I love this product line but, I just can't afford it! Wish it was more affordable for the common folk! :-/