March 6, 2012

Inspiring Photography Round-Up

Photography is my favorite art form, and lately I have come across some amazing photographs that have really resonated with me. All of them have to do with family, children and beloved keepsakes, and I wanted to share them with you, with the hopes that they'd leave a lasting impression on you as well.

The amazing photograph above is part of an enchanting series called "Feet First" that I have literally thought about every day since I happened upon it. Photographer Tom Robinson travels the world with his girlfriend and their baby daughter, taking pictures of their feet in the most awesome locales with breathtaking backgrounds. Take a few moments to peruse "Feet First."

Mari at Small For Big posted the above photograph entitled "Collection of Piles" on her Pinterest board. It's funny how just bundling dollhouse furniture together and taking a picture of it can make such a profound statement.

Toy Story Fine Art Photography was featured at Cool Mom Picks. If you send photographer Jamie Horton your child's favorite toy, she will immortalize it in a savvy snapshot and mail it back to you with an 11x14 photograph.

StrollerDerby has a slideshow of photographs one father took of his children as a photo journal for his mother, who was too sick to visit them. Click here to see his amazing shots.

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