April 25, 2012

Take Your Children to Visit Your Local Fire Station

Living an eco-friendly lifestyle isn't just about recycling and buying green products. I think it means teaching your children -- and anyone who will listen -- all about the planet and the people who help take care of it. I have always had the deepest admiration and respect for firefighters. It's unbelievable to me that at any given moment of the day, they are on call to risk their lives to help others.

This past weekend, we took Miss O and Mr. A to visit the Beverly Hills fire department, and the firefighters who worked there were amazing gentlemen who couldn't have been more enthusiastic or passionate about their work. They showed the kids all around the fire trucks, let them sit in the driver's seat, and gave them special badges as souvenirs.

I want to teach my children that firefighters and those who serve and protect are the true heroes of our world -- not cartoon superheroes or athletes, but the men and women who are rarely thanked or given the adulation they deserve. As a fun, educational outing, visit your local fire department with your little ones and introduce them to some real heroes.


Salt & Nectar said...

I've wanted to do this with the Little Dude. Do I need to make an appointment or can I just drop in to the BH station?

Petite Planet said...

I called an hour before we went to the station and just asked if if was okay to stop by. They were more than happy to have us, but I'd give them a call first to give them a heads-up!