April 9, 2012

Way Basics Eco-Friendly Storage Cubes Keep Homes Tidy

What is it about spring that makes me want to get rid of everything I own in an effort to clean house? I must have been bitten by the proverbial spring cleaning bug.

Since we moved from a sprawling condo in Portland to a diminutive duplex in LA, I'm constantly feeling overwrought with "stuff." And with literally *no* storage or ample closet space in our home, and a 4 year-old who thinks it's her duty in life to single-handedly collect and stash every piece of paper, every pebble or fallen flower, and who I am convinced is somehow growing a plastic tchotchke garden under her bed, you can imagine how crazy I am going over our belongings, our "trappings" so to speak, taking over our space.

I can't realistically part with everything we own, so the next best thing is to find modern, eco-friendly storage. It was a pleasure to come across Way Basics storage cubes, which are sustainably made from water resistant recycled paper,  dubbed zBoard, and which are recyclable. They are super safe and nontoxic, containing zero VOCs or formaldehyde, which makes them the perfect design/storage choice for baby's nursery and kids' playrooms, as well as for your home in general.

Way Basics storage cubes may stand alone, or they can be stacked and configured in myriad different combinations to suit your storage needs. Further, they are totally affordable at $20 each. They come in an array of cute, kid-friendly colors: orange, pink, blue, red and green, as well as more standard furniture tones of black, white, natural and espresso. If you purchased these cubes for your kids, in a color that coordinates with your overall home decor, you could extend the life of the storage cubes as they could easily move from the nursery or playroom to the living room, or continue to suit a big kid's taste as she grows-up. Check out the Way Basics design gallery for inspiration on how to configure the cubes and where to use them... I think they'd be great for closet storage as well. Happy stacking and storing!

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