April 19, 2012

Wee Gallery's Charming 'Growing Like a Weed' Growth Chart Captures the Essence of Childhood

We all know how quickly kids grow-up. And to date, the only way I have inadvertently measured my children's' growth spurts is via their pant legs, which all too often seem to rise to mid-shin length before one season of wear.

In my youth, one of my favorite things to do, was to go inside our walk-in kitchen pantry and mark my height on the small sliver of wall in our home that all four of us kids were allowed to mark with pen, pencil, crayon, or whatever we could find to denote the jubilant moment that we grew a centimeter. Ah, wasn't childhood so grand and pure, when the thought that you were getting taller was all it took to make your day?

Miss O cracks me up because she will often just go stand next to something tall in our house, say our bookcase, or on the street, she'll mosey up next to a tree or a signpost and say, "Mom, look how tall I am!" I think she thinks that she grows in height just by virtue of standing next to something lofty.

Given my memories of marking my own height inch by inch, and Miss O's fascination with getting taller, I've been on the hunt for the perfect growth chart. Since we rent our home, it isn't in the cards for us to write all over one of the walls, but who needs to with an option as gorgeous as Wee Gallery's Growing Like a Weed Growth Chart?

This absolutely adorable growth chart is a removable, respositionable wall graphic that is made with polypropylene as opposed to toxic PVC. It measures up to five feet in height, and comes with handwritten numbers which may be used to commemorate your child's birthdays along the stem. And instead of just simply being a growth chart, it's a beautiful and cheery scene that enlivens any space, complete with flowers, a butterfly, ladybugs and a bunny.

Here's to many a happy memory watching your children grow.

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