May 8, 2012

Renee & Jeremy Make Amazing Music Together, That the Whole Family Will Love

Every parent knows how hard it is to find family music that is not only appropriate for all ages, but also appealing to every family member from toddler to tween to teen to moms and dads. We've run the gamut from subjecting ourselves to Barney's unnerving tunes to going to the complete opposite end of the spectrum to the extent where Miss O lists Nirvana and Smashing Pumpkins among her favorite bands. She has also been walking around singing, "We could have had it aaaaaaallllll, rolling in the deeeeeeeeep!"

Thank goodness I just learned about musical duo Renee & Jeremy, and I know you, and your entire brood will love their tunes as much as I do. Their voices masterfully complement each other (to the point that gives you the chills) and I love that they ingeniously put their own twist on classic, beloved songs, making them seem new again, yet you already know all the words so you can instantly sing along. Case in point, their newest album, "A Little Love" drops today and includes their version of hits such as: Red Hot Chili Peppers “Give It Away”, REM “Shiny Happy People”, The Monkees “Daydream Believer”, and Supertramp “Give A Little Bit.” And Miss O has not stopped singing Queen's "Your My Best Friend," which is also on the album. "Ooooo, you make me live, now honey!"

The standout track has to be Renee & Jeremy's rendition of Coldplay's "Yellow." Treat yourself to watching the video and listening to the song below. Tears of nostalgia were streaming down my face (another Coldplay lyric) as I watched this with Mr. A, who loved the animation and had no idea why I was crying. I used to sing this song to Miss O every night when she was a baby and I held her for hours to get her to sleep. My how the time flies.

Click here to listen to and buy Renee & Jeremy's music. You'll love it!

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