June 27, 2012

Make Play-dough Cupcakes Using Silicone Baking Cups

It's not always easy finding ways to entertain both of my children, who are three years apart in age. Miss O can sit happily and immerse herself in quiet activities, while all Mr. A wants to do is run as fast as he can like a wild banshee, at all times. So when I learned that both of my kids DELIGHT in playing with play-dough (for up to an HOUR at a time!), I was thrilled.

To make things more interesting during our last play-dough session, I whipped out our silicone baking cups and we made rainbow cupcakes. You can make an endless array of toppings for the cupcakes out of dough, or use a play knife to engrave faces or floral motifs.

Mr. A loves when I roll a bunch of different colors of dough into balls and he can stack them in the baking cup.

We also have shape cutters which we use to try to learn about all the different "cookie" shapes we can make. I position our play kitchen nearby because of course, the play-dough cupcakes need to be pretend baked as well.

It's amazing what a wealth of creativity and fun can be unleashed by just adding a dozen silicone baking cups to your play-dough session. Enjoy!

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