June 8, 2012

Things Organized Neatly

As a mom of two young children who are the human equivalent of hurricanes, and the wife of a husband who after eight years of marriage *still* throws his clothes on the floor *next to* the hamper instead of in it, this Things Organized Neatly website is a momentary antidote to my chaotic life and household. It highlights all sorts of random objects that are perfectly placed, which evokes in me a sense of serenity. I know, I need help.

Just looking at the pictures makes me breathe a little easier. Knowing that this kind of meticulous organization is at my fingertips -- via the computer's keyboard, that is.

Behold an image from Things Organized Neatly above. "Thrown to the Wind" ascends 36 feet high and is comprised of plastic waste. It is artist Wang Zhiyuan's reminder of the trash that overwhelms us. Hmmm...

On a lighter note, how bout this pantry? Yes, please.

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