October 4, 2012

Yes To Carrots Face & Nose Wipes Make My All-Time Favorite Baby Product Hall of Fame

No matter how 'green' a mama tries to be, disposable baby wipes are usually the one 'given' eco sin when it comes to raising babies and kids.

That's because wipes are arguably one of the best parenting inventions of all times... and now you can use them guilt free thanks to Yes to Carrots face and nose wipes, which are one of my new all-time favorite baby/kid products.

These wipes are specially formulated (made with all-natural saline, Vitamin E, and organic carrots), they are ideal for delicate little faces. They're rich in beta carotene which helps protect and nourish sensitive skin, they're super soft and contain the perfect amount of moistness, they're the perfect size and really get the job done, and they have a pleasing sweet, yet mild fragrance, so kiddos don't mind being wiped clean at all. And the best part of all is, they are made of biodegradable, natural FSC certified cloth.

I try to tote reusable napkins and hankies in my purse and diaper bag, but when Miss O or Mr. A have a cold with an endlessly runny nose, Yes to Carrots face and nose wipes are a lifesaver. The fact that they are moist also helps prevent the chafing of already sore, red little noses that have wiped clean a thousand times in the last hour.

With cold and flu season upon us, I highly recommend stocking up on Yes to Carrots face and nose wipes. And although they say they're for the nose and face, they also work really well at cleaning up messy little hands.

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Becky Elmuccio said...

I'll have to see about getting these. Our little one just had a cold and her poor nose was a wreck from all of the wiping. Thanks for sharing this!