December 11, 2012

Winterize Your Water Table With Pom Poms!

We take a parent and me class with Mr. A, and each week they fill up a sensory table with some type of fantastically messy material. It's consistently Mr. A's favorite play station in the classroom. Our water table has been collecting spider webs since the weather turned cooler (which is a blissful 65 degrees in sunny San Diego), so I decided to fill it up with rainbow colored pom poms of varying sizes and make it into a sensory table on the home front. Mr. A was absolutely thrilled to fill up his little diggers with the soft pom poms, and have his dinosaurs stomp all over them. I also gave him some cups to scoop them in and pour them out, paper towel and toilet paper rolls to stuff them in, and his beach shovels to usher them to and fro.

I plan on switching up the materials I place into his new sensory table -- you can do everything from shaving cream to beans -- and they key, as the teacher of his class told me -- is that you don't need to fill the table up. Just do a nice layer across the bottom and the material won't spill over as much. If you don't have a water table, you can also easily do this activity in a cardboard box, or in one of those under the bed storage boxes. Once you have a few materials to fill your sensory table or box, rotate between them to keep things interesting for your toddler! These pom poms are great because we can also discuss colors, big and little, and we can reuse them in crafting projects too!

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Jahje Ives said...

I love this idea! I often use cheerios but you can't leave them around all winter long. Looks like I am off to the craft store for pom-poms!