January 24, 2014

DIY 3D Lollipop Valentine's Day Cards!

Looking for a super cute Valentine's Day card for your kiddos to hand out to their classmates? These 3-D lollipop Valentines will certainly be a big hit! Learn how to make them after the jump!

Simply take a photograph of your child holding her hand up in a fist, with her arm raised above a 90 degree angle (as if she's raising her hand in class) to ensure the three-dimensional effect you're going for.

The heart ring was Miss O's touch, of course.

We used Photoshop to add the text onto our image. But you can also print up a greeting and tape it to the photograph as seen on Design Mom here. By the way, I found this ingenious idea via Design Mom who found it via 24-7-365. (Thanks to these awesomely talented mamas for the inspiration)!

Next we ordered enough copies of the photograph to hand one out to all of Miss O's friends and classmates.

Then we used a scalpel blade to cut two holes in the photograph, through which we slipped a Yummy Earth pomegranate pucker organic lollipop! We trimmed the square shaped lollipop wrapper into a heart shape so it didn't cover Miss O's face in the picture.

I consider myself craft challenged, but this was a very easy undertaking and the end result is just too cute for words!

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Shannon Repecho said...

These are super cute! What a great idea!