January 21, 2013

Recycle Spray Bottles Into Backyard Fun

Want a super easy, free and green way to entertain your tot for around an hour? Hand him a spray bottle filled with water. I simply recycled a couple of our old cleaning spray bottles, handing them over to Mr. A after washing them out well. I gave him a large bottle and a small bottle -- since this is also an effort in fine tuning motor skills, for a toddler to learn to actually spray the bottle. Method's wood cleaner comes in a perfectly sized bottle to hand over to a 2 year-old once the product has been used. It was much less frustrating for Mr. A to handle this size of bottle with aplomb.

After he tired of watering the plants, Mr. A started spraying his water into a cup or play tea kettle and then using those to water the garden. This is an all-around, unplugged fun activity for a toddler. I love how good old-fashioned fun will never be replaced by high-tech hoopla for this little guy.

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