February 27, 2013

Yahoo! CEO's Retro Move to Ban Working From Home Upsets Many, Including Me

As a work from home mom, Marissa Mayer's ridiculously retro decision to ban her employees from telecommuting really disturbs me. I wrote an opinion piece on this news, complete with many reasons why working from home is better for individuals, families, companies and the environment. Please read my post here. And cast your vote in my poll!

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Shannon Repecho said...

I voted an emphatic YES! As long as people are completing tasks assigned, and doing their job, what does it matter if they are working in the car! Some people do work in an office and don't do their job. As with everything it needs to be addressed on a case by case basis. If someone working from home is slacking and not getting things done, then sure, it should be addressed. But my sister stays up late at night working away, meeting deadlines.