October 21, 2013

DIY: Make an Ice Cream Stand out of a Cardboard Box!

We recently bought Miss O and Mr. A a bookcase, which arrived in a very large box. When I see the endless capacity for creativity inherent in cardboard boxes, I automatically dream of what they could become. In this case, I asked my husband to transform a box into an ice cream shop complete with ice cream cones to sell. And boy did he deliver! Read on for more details!

Photo paper and a printer came in handy for this project, as Ben decorated the ice cream stand with a flower box, grass trim at the bottom, bubblegum trim at the top, pink "ice cream" letters and ice cream scoops. Ben then drew the brick building and the "wood" sign using a brown marker.

Ben also printed up some ice cream cone images and glued them to cardboard which he then cut out. Next he made a refrigerator in which to store them. He also lined the interior of the box with wood contact paper and gave the ice cream stand counter a layer of marble contact paper. Are those not the cutest ice cream sellers you've ever seen?

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