April 6, 2014

Farm to Table Kale Chips

Growing my own food has been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember. So to see kale spring to life to produce such a bounty beneath our kitchen windowsill is a treat beyond measure. Mr. A calls these plants, "kale chips" because that's his favorite preparation of the leafy green. We love kale chips in our house- and it's a wonderful, easy way to get your kids to eat those often dreaded green veggies. Read on for the results of our first kale harvest!

Simply break the leaves away from the stems, wash thoroughly, and then dry in a salad spinner.

I'm still perfecting my kale chips -- but here are links to two of my favorite recipes and instructions at Inhabitots and Oh She Glows.

Satisfied customers!

 Here's hoping our strawberries start to flourish as much as our kale has!

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