December 7, 2006

Quit Picking on Pluto!

Have you heard the news that Pluto is no longer a planet! Are astronomers so bored that they have to go and declare one of the sacred members of the solar system I grew up with, null and void? Shouldn't they be focusing their attention on all those meteors that narrowly escape blasting the Earth by a billion light years?

For some reason, I am deeply affected by the news that "Pluto is dead," as Mike Brown, a planetary scientist states. Who the hell gave Mike Brown the right to declare Pluto dead? Mike Brown doesn't even sound like a real name to me.

Now Pluto is categorized as a "dwarf planet." I think this sends a horrible message to the underdogs of the universe. If you're suddenly deemed too small, you can leave your status at the door and be kicked out of the order of the galaxy.

I am boycotting the decision to delete Pluto from the map. Pluto will always have a place in my Milky Way.

I am also holding out hope for the re-induction of little Pluto, as only 424 astronomers out of 10,000 voted on his demise, and some are calling it a "farce." I think it's the dark side of the force at work. Not happy about it am I.

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