December 4, 2007

Be a Wrap Star this Christmas

It's Olivia's first Christmas, and she won't be receiving any large, awkwardly shaped gifts this year, but I did buy something completely impossible to wrap for my husband. Alas, it currently sits slumped in the corner, with some wrapping paper thrown at it, secured by several overworked pieces of tape.

The perfect solution to having a battle with a roll of wrapping paper is the Santa Sack. Made of cozy flannel, this sack may be personalized with a name, or left blank to house large gifts year after year for multiple recipients in your home. It may even become a family tradition to guess... "Who's going to get the Santa Sack this year?" Or, it may be used in lieu of wrapping paper to cover several small gifts, as if Santa himself dropped off all of the presents for each person in a new Earth friendly fashion!

Reasonably priced at $9.50, it looks like it's time to scrap the paper and reach for the sack.

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