June 9, 2009

NEW! Stonyfield Yobaby Yogurt Gets a Boost

You may have noticed that Yobaby yogurt has a new look. Celebrating their 10 year anniversary, Stonyfield has decided to upgrade their Yobaby yogurt line by reformulating it to include Vitamin D and zinc: both boost immunity and promote the development of strong bones and teeth.

In addition to being an extremely picky eater, Olivia won't drink cow's milk, or soy milk, so we have been making sure she gets her calcium intake from Yobaby yogurt since she was six months old. She consistently devours every flavor of Yobaby, so it has been a foolproof go-to snack for us to give her. Yobaby is certified organic and made with milk from cows not treated with antibiotics or artificial growth hormones. Another great thing about yogurt is that it's easier for babies to digest than straight cow's milk.

Additionally, Dr. Sears, our guru pediatrician endorses Yobaby and feeds it to his own children.

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