January 3, 2011

BOOK: Spit That Out! by Paige Wolf

The spectrum of 'being green' runs the gamut from die-hard eco moms like myself to those who are just learning about how to live an eco-friendly lifestyle, avoiding BPA, only buying organic produce, making sure toys don't contain phthalates, etc. No doubt, there's a dizzying amount of information for parents to sort through and research these days, when it comes to caring for their families and the health of the planet.

Since it's my job to write about green design and eco living daily, I live in a bubble. Green living is my world, but I have to remind myself that others may have barely scratched the surface when it comes to knowing how to live an eco lifestyle.

Enter Paige Wolf's new book, Spit That Out: The Overly Informed Parent's Guide to Raising Kids in an Age of Environmental Guilt. If you know anyone who would like an introduction to green parenting, or who has made it one of their New Year's resolutions to clean up the earth by starting at home, this book makes a nice launching pad into many confusing topics from toy safety to TV viewing to diapering to herbal remedies.

If you already consider yourself the Wonder Woman of green living, this book may be a bit too basic for you. For instance: one of the topics covered regards organic produce. The author concludes that an organic apple is best, but if there isn't an organic apple available, a conventional apple is better than a bag of chips. (Fruit always wins regardless of whether it is organic or not). I say, if an organic apple isn't available, find an organic fruit that IS available, and skip the pesticide laden fruit and unhealthy snacks on the same note.

That said, I think readers on all points of the green spectrum will benefit from the advice Wolf offers in her book, which will help parents navigate this crazy world we live in, that seems to get crazier by the minute!

Spit that Out! is available for purchase here.

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Steph at ModernParentsMessyKids.com said...

Thanks for the great resource for a green newbie like myself. What a great tool for starting off 2011 right!