November 18, 2012

Handmade Indoor Play TeePees For Kids

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When it comes to building a fort, my kids and I usually drape an old sheet over four dining chairs and crawl underneath... but when I saw these handmade indoor teepees crafted from vintage fabrics, let's just say I got instant teepee envy.

Each teepee is handmade to order with 100% unbleached cotton, and features vintage appliqued floral and bird motifs. They are easy to put up and they fold away and may be stored easily as well. Additionally, they have a cut away window and workable gingham curtains in one wall. And parents will appreciate that the teepee's removable fabric base is washable.

This teepee would be a great addition to any stylish play room -- and you can also get your child's teepee personalized with his or her name!

Ranging from $135-$290, these tiny abodes are an investment, but they are sure to be a treasured hideout for many picnics and reading sessions with beloved dolls and teddy bears.


Jackie @ lilolu said...

These are so precious! I secretly dream of living in a teepee.

Ransacked Goods said...

These are beautiful! There has to be a pattern out there somewhere so you could make your own out of vintage tablecloths. I must explore, thanks!

Petite Planet said...

Good thinking, Ransacked Goods! Let me know if you come up with a great green way to make a play teepee!