February 12, 2015

DIY Adorable, Kid-Friendly Homemade Valentine Cards

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Valentine's Day is right around the corner, and everyone loves receiving thoughtful Valentine cards. Today's craft highlights several great ideas for making your own special Valentines with your kids!

Materials You Will Need:
  • Glue stick
  • Tape
  • Variety of stickers, ie: flowers, ladybugs, hearts
  • Buttons
  • Flat, organic lollipops
  • Ribbon
  • Heavier "cardstock" paper
  • Construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Broken crayon pieces/silicone heart mold (optional)

Recycled Crayon Heart Valentine Card

1) For the first Valentine card, refer to our recycled crayons craft where we made different shapes of crayons from old broken crayon pieces. Make the crayons as instructed, but use a "heart" mold.

2) Next, I cut a piece of my paper in a circular shape and taped the crayon to the center. Don't glue your crayon to the card because you want the recipient to be able to take the crayon off and enjoy using it!

3) Lastly, I used some letter stickers and wrote, "U color my world." These make great Valentines for school classmates.

Lollipop Flowers Valentine Card

Another great Valentine to make school classmates is the lollipop flowers card!

1) First, take your construction paper and fold it in half, then cut out half of a heart shape. When you open it, it will be a full heart shape.

2) Next tape, don't glue, your lollipop to the heart.

3) Next, fold a piece of green paper in half and cut out leaf shapes. Then wrap the leaf around the stick and secure it with your glue stick.

4) Last, write your message, ie: "U R Sweet."

Key to My Heart Valentine Card

Your local craft store should sell individual pieces of holiday inspired stationery, and you can find really pretty Valentine prints right now. I found one that had the sentiment "Key to my heart" on it -- but you could also opt to write this message yourself on your card stock paper. Next, I took an old key from the "junk" drawer in our house and glued it to the card for an added touch.

Monkeying Around Valentine Card

You can get very creative using your stickers and applying them to your cardstock or construction paper -- and you can either type out your messages and print them off of the computer or handwrite them. I also found some paper with monkeys on it (but you could use monkey stickers) and glue a photo of your child to the paper and add the sentiment, "Just swinging by to say... Happy Valentine's Day."

Button Blossom Valentine Card

You can use spare buttons lying around the house, as I did in the next card. I cut a heart out of paper, just like I did for the lollipop card, and glued it to my cardstock paper. I made the heart like a plant by gluing my buttons to the heart and I used letter stickers to write, "My love for u keeps growing."

Ladybug Valentine Card

I also found some cute ladybug stickers and put them on a card titled "Love Bug."

You can get really creative making your Valentine cards, and it helps to use the recipient's loves and interests as inspiration. Kids will enjoy making their own cards instead buying a pack from the store -- and it is an inexpensive and fun way to spend time together working on a craft. Your lucky recipients will LOVE them!

Note: Keep in mind that some of these cards are bulky, so if you are going to be mailing them, extra postage will be required!

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