September 2, 2011

'Fall' in Love with Nature Baby Organic Merino Wool Apparel for Babies and Tots

It's still very much summertime in California, but I am looking forward to crisp fall weather, which I hope is around the corner! Part of the fun is dressing the kids in cozy, adorable clothing, and Nature Baby's collection of 100% organic wool clothing is simply divine.

While I love the entire line, the casual drawstring pants and the chic long sleeve kimono top suit Mr. A to a tee. In addition to being made in New Zealand from organic merino wool that is grown and processed without the use of harmful chemicals, I love that these toddler essentials are easy to crawl in, toddle in, and are comfortable enough to snooze in for naptime as well! All while being ever so stylish, understated and eco-friendly!

One thing I have also learned as a mom is that drawstring pants are ingenious. They enable you to buy clothing that's a bit too large for your tot, but that can be cinched down to fit -- so your wee one, who grows at the speed of light, may actually have a pair of pants that tightens, loosens and lasts!

Nature Baby organic merino wool clothing is also sumptuously soft, lightweight, durable, non-irritating, and provides premium insulation.

Be sure to check out Nature Baby's organic cotton clothing, organic bedding and organic sleepwear as well!

Learn more about organic wool here.

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