December 26, 2011

PONG iPhone & iPad Cases Reduce Exposure to Radiation

Over at Inhabitots this year, we have been reporting on the disturbing research that has been making headlines with regard to children and cell phone use. Such studies, including the findings that cell phones are linked to cancer, and that children's brains absorb twice as much radiation as adult's brains during cell phone usage, are deeply disturbing.

So when I heard about PONG iPhone and iPad cases, (they also make cases for Blackberrys and Androids), which drastically reduce exposure to radiation, I knew I had to outfit our iPhones in them, as well as tell you about them.

PONG cases protect you from cell phone radiation, without compromising the integrity of your phone's performance. PONG cases offer the only solution proven in FCC-certified labs to protect consumers significantly (up to 95% below FCC limits) from wireless device radiation. Additionally, each case features a patented antenna technology that redirects and redistributes the cell phone radiation that would otherwise be absorbed by the user’s head and body (as opposed to shielding or blocking the radiation which the FCC warns may actually increase radiation exposure, forcing the phone or iPad to work harder to find a signal).

I feel a million times better about not having a land line, and relying solely on my iPhone for communication, now that I have a PONG case. However,  even with this trusty new case, I still don't allow Miss O to play on my iPhone like I used to do -- before I knew doing so could be harmful to her health and development. Yet, it makes me wonder why SO many apps are designed and marketed to children. I used to employ my iPhone as the ultimate on-the-go entertainment center for Miss O, and I know many parents currently do. But I think it's time to go back to a notepad and a game of hangman or tic-tac-toe, some finger puppets, and good old fashioned paper and crayons.

At least in the meantime, as technology continues to excel at the speed of light, and our dependence on it continues to deepen, it is good to know that PONG Research has stepped up to create a solution that will help protect us.

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