January 22, 2012

Live Clean Baby Skin Care Products Bring Green to the Mainstream

The most prevalent reasons people offer for not living an eco-friendly lifestyle is that green products are too expensive and too hard to find. So I was thrilled to discover a collection of baby bath and skin care products, Live Clean Baby, that are not only sustainably crafted, but also affordable ($7.99 each) and readily available at Walgreens drugstores -- making it much easier for parents to choose healthy, nontoxic personal care products for their babies. (And ditch Johnson & Johnson once and for all!)

The Live Clean Baby collection has got green babies covered from head to toe. Products in the line include: Moisturizing Baby Bath, Shampoo and Wash, Moisturizing Baby Lotion, Diaper Ointment, Moisturizing Bar Soap and Non-Petroleum Jelly.

I love the Non-Petroleum Jelly the most because it goes on smooth and it's not at all greasy. Mr. A took a nasty spill and I used it on the scab on his face, to keep it from feeling tight, and it has done a remarkable job aiding in the healing process as well. It is simply comprised of three ingredients: castor seed oil, cera alba and tocopherol. This is an ingenious alternative to the (gasp!) petroleum jelly parents have been using for decades - because it is effective and safe. The diaper ointment is also great, and combines zinc oxide with several soothing plant based ingredients including chamomile and lavender.

I also really like the fragrance free bar soap (three full size bars come in each package) and I have been using it myself in the shower. And the baby shampoo and wash suds up nicely without the use of SLS. Also, a teeny, tiny bit of the shampoo and wash goes such a long way -- so you can really get your money's worth.

I really enjoy these products and I think they're a great choice for families who want to detoxify their baby's bath time regimen. The only thing I wish I could change about them is the added ingredients to give them their fragrance.  I love the scent of these products, but I'd prefer if they all came in a fragrance free version, (the bar soap and non-petroleum jelly are available fragrance free), because I think the fragrance is nice, but not necessary, and that ditching the fragrance would raise the integrity of the products' ingredients list.

Here's the 411 on Live Clean Baby products eco attributes: all products are vegan, never tested on animals, FREE of sodium lauryl sulfate, DEA, parabens, petroleum, phosphates and phthalates. Formulations are made with a minimum of 98% replenishable, renewable and sustainable natural and plant ingredients, and packaging is recyclable.

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Jessica said...

These smell amazing as well! So clean. I found them at my Walgreens for about 8.00 each and they had a special going B1G1.