July 10, 2012

Oh Give Me A Home...

We're moving. Again. This time it is to our ultimate destination, which we've been working for the last several years to achieve: San Diego. We always knew returning to Los Angeles was a pit stop for us, and we made the best of the past year here, but now we hope to put down roots in beautiful San Diego. While I am excited about this opportunity, the growing pains that go along with it are very difficult. Moving is not fun at all, and finding a place to live that you want to call "home" and where you want to raise your children and make memories with your family is nerve-wracking.

Last week I was convinced I found the house of our dreams. Since I felt such a connection with it, I was pretty confident things would work out. Alas, I received a generic form letter email telling me that we were not selected as the future tenants. Apparently, 20+ other families had the same feelings I did, and we weren't the lucky ones.

I am a firm believer that things happen for a reason. One of my favorite movies of all time is "Sliding Doors," and I know that even one second of our lives can change the entire course of our future. So I know deep down there's something better out there for us.

I asked Miss O. to draw her dream home for me, because I knew it would give me hope, and put a smile on my face. She drew the picture above, and you'll notice that Ben and I and Miss O and Mr. A are all bigger than the house, and we all have giant smiles. We are bigger than the house.

I get so caught up in the details of wanting everything to be idyllic and perfect, that sometimes I lose sight of what is right in front of me.

On our last trip to house hunt in San Diego, Miss O must have overheard Ben and I saying how small certain rooms were in the houses we were touring. When we stopped at Rubio's for lunch, I took Miss O to the one-person bathroom. It was a rather large room. She said, "Mommy, this bathroom is huge, we could live in here!" I said, "You'd really want to live in the bathroom at Rubio's?" She said, "If you and daddy and Mr. A were with me."

I long for the wisdom of a child, the wisdom of my child.

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