May 9, 2017

Make a Photobook of Your Child's Adventures with His Favorite Toy

Have Queen, will travel. Lightning McQueen, or "Queen" as he is known in these parts, is Mr. A's very favorite toy. That's an understatement. He. Goes. Everywhere. With us. This gave me a great idea that I wanted to share with you so you can do the same with your child's favorite toy.

I'll be photographing Queen on all our summer adventures big and small, and making a book for Mr. A to treasure when he is all grown-up and his trusty toy car rests on a mantel instead of in the eager clutch of his sweet hands. There are so many online resources for DIY digital books now, so that part should be a breeze. Now, to capture all the glory of my son and his best inanimate friend...

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Michelle E said...

What a great idea!!! I love it!