June 6, 2015

Ruggable: Area Rugs You Can Toss in Your Washing Machine

We go shoeless in our household. It's a super simple way to rid your home of toxins and keep your floors clean -- especially when you have little ones crawling around, playing on the ground and picking up everything off the floor to put in their mouth!

We've been wanting to put a rug in our entryway at the front door so visitors can step inside and remove their shoes. But I didn't want a rug that was just going to get dirty collecting all the grime from outside. Enter Ruggable: a collection of innovative new area rugs that you can actually toss into your washing machine to wash and keep clean! Since the majority of rug and carpet cleaners are highly toxic and filled with harmful chemicals, I love the option of washing a rug with my safe, eco laundry detergent instead.

Ruggables are wool-free, so they're good for families who are prone to allergies, and they are comprised of a two-piece system: the rug itself and the rug pad. You simply lay the rug atop the non-slip, water-resistant pad to keep it from slipping, and then whenever you want to wash the top portion of the rug, lift it up and toss it into your machine.

These rugs come in a variety of sizes and colors to match your decor scheme. They are also a great option for families with small children and pets because we know rugs are serious magnets for kid messes and muddy paws -- and what better way to deal with a dirty textile than to toss it into the machine and wash it? (Note: if you have a puppy, don't use this rug in a room where the puppy roams because your puppy may like to eat the top of the rug, like mine does).

Pictured in the first image above is the Solid Chenille rug in aqua blue. I like the vibrant, cheery hue. This works great for the purpose I'm using it for at our front door, but if I was looking for a cozy rug for the kids to lounge on in the living room, I'd opt for one that was thicker. I do like that Ruggables offer so many patterns and color options that would look totally chic from the living room to the playroom, and from baby's nursery to the kitchen. If you're looking for a rug to put underneath your dining room table, I think a Ruggable area rug would be an ideal choice because you wouldn't have to worry about spills -- knowing the rug is totally washable.

You'll be happy to add this clever rug system to many parts of your home where you may be leery of placing a rug due to high traffic or mess concerns.

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